The Red Hill Candle Co Story

Red Hill Candle Co as it is today has been a dream long in the making. This interview was part of our 'Chats with Red Hill Candle Co' series, which you can find in video form on our Instagram TV account (@redhillcandleco). 

Kellie (our Master Mixologist) sat down with Ebony (owner) to share our story.

Kellie "What inspired you to start the business?"

Ebony "I had a  desire to bring a quality product to the marketplace which people would love and be proud to display in their homes. Our vision has always been to evolve into an experience based business which we have done since moving into our factory in Dromana. We know people who live and visit the region love food and wine, but felt it was missing an experience which taps into the most powerful of all our 5 senses, our sense of smell."

Kellie "How did it all begin?"
Ebony "I started making candles in 2016 and spent months perfecting the product before launching. We went to local craft markets to get our name out there and started being stocked at shops and attractions on the MP. At this stage everything was done from the spare bedroom in our family home, it was only in 2020 that we moved the business to where it is now.

Kellie "Tell us about what Red Hill Candle Co now offers?"

Ebony "Our space now offers all our amazing products year round in our retail space which also showcases other amazing local makers. We run candle making workshops in our Scent Lab, which are held regularly in our Scent Lab. All upcoming dates are listed on our website and we also take private group bookings. Its a fun way to learn about fragrance and you get to create two of your very own candles with customised fragrances. We also have an in store DIY flower bar which is just another way you can get creative by designing your own arrangement We have our Scent Library experience in store which gives people who aren’t able to come to our workshop the chance to design their own signature fragrance candle. This is less hands-on, shorter in duration and costs less than a full workshop."
Our retail space (Image via

Our workshops

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