Our Values - Guiding Red Hill Candle Co on the Daily

We have a clear set of values that guide our operations from how we work as a team, the business decisions we make to how we interact with our customers. It's something that we are proud of and sets the standard for how we operate.

At Red Hill Candle Co we are all about creating products that are of top quality and an experience which brings joy. Our  experiences on offer enable us to be a part of your discovery into the power of fragrance and help inspire you to create something you're proud of. We love learning, trying new things and sharing this with others.

Joy - We approach each day with excitement and don’t limit our beliefs about what is possible and in doing so enrich the lives of others. We aim to bring joy to others by sparking creativity and providing a fun space to enjoy.

Creativity - We inspire curiosity and creativity through the discovery of scent and encourage our customers to learn about themselves through the process. 

Ambition - We deliver quality products and strive to create the best customer experience possible being leaders in our field and empowering others to believe that anything is possible.

Authenticity - We are transparent in our operations and work with integrity fulfilling promises and living by our values. Our team are the friendly faces you love to see who help you to experience the world of fragrance without prejudice.

Community - We bring people together, creating a safe space for experimenting with scent and crafts and support our local community.

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