Meet our Graphic Designer, Erinn!

So often we get lovely compliments about our Red Hill Candle Co logo and how it makes people instantly place themselves in the rolling hills dotted with vineyards in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. We sat down with the creative genius behind our logo that has helped to create our brand which sings “Red Hill”.

What was your inspiration for the RHCC logo?

I have only recently been a frequent visitor down to the Peninsula since the lovely Ebony and John, some other friends and in particular my aunty moved out that way, I can picture so vividly that scene and the happy feeling when I come up and over the hills in Red Hill and Flinders and get to see the sea! It's so wonderful and makes me feel excited every time.

What was the creative process you went through to come up with the logo?

Ebony and I gathered a range of inspirational imagery as well as a collection of other candle brands we loved as a starting point. We knew we needed to create something modern, with a touch of farmhouse charm, that wasn't too trendy so it would withstand the ever changing home ware trends and just be a classic staple brand for retailers and customers alike. I created a few options for Ebony and John to choose from, we refined the idea and BAM! Done, It's lovely to work with anybody on something creative when you have the same good taste in design ;)

Tell us a bit about your background in design?

I studied Textile Design at Uni so I'm technically not trained as a graphic designer, but I have always had strong Adobe skills since high school where I had the most wonderful, encouraging teachers. I wouldn't describe my graphic design skills as edgy or commercial, more practical and adventurous. My most favourite part of designing is working with people and collaborating, I think that is why I was so eager to leave the commercial industry where I was a designer of Newborn manchester and become a freelancer where I could work on different project types with a range of people in various fields of textiles.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Only this year at Finders Keepers I launched Elou, a range of stretch, cotton clothing for cycling and for everyday. The main inspiration behind the range was to supply men and women with really cool bike shorts, a clothing item that has become scarce these days. The prints are inspired by the NT where I grew up, so are all rather colourful and feature Crocodiles, Snakes, Crabs and flowers. It's been a lot of fun and people genuinely fall in love with the pieces, which is all I aim to achieve as a designer. I also have a long standing freelance relationship with two wonderful women who I collaborate with from Ziporah Lifestyle, they create luxurious bathroom and beach towels and are very inspiring business women for me.

How can people get in touch with you or see more of your fabulous work?

I am open to all kinds of collaborative work from textile design, to art exhibitions and installations, I just want to be in there, making stuff that makes people happy! Anybody can contact me via my website: or through instagram: erinn.louise.textiles


Thanks Erinn for being such a lovely and professional person to work with, plus making the whole experience really fun!

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