Stevie Winter Gift Pack - The Full Milkbar!

Stevie Winter Gift Pack - The Full Milkbar!


Red Hill Candle Co

One of each of the beautiful fragrances from Stevie Winters Milkbar which will arrive packaged in a  cute pink gift box and includes four large candles in;

Gingerbread House
Why hello little Gingerbread man, what tasty looking house you have there!

This tantalising, oh so Christmassy Gingerbread House fragrance is brimming with warm spices and cosy vibes. The likes of nutmeg, clove, ginger and cinnamon blended with maple and sweet caramel.

This scent sends us straight back to nannas kitchen decorating our little gingerbread houses with ALL the lollies!

Musk Sticks
Take yourself back to long hot days spent at the local pool, clambering at the kiosk to spend your precious coins on some sugary goodness.
The scent of Musk Stick is an Aussie favourite that childhood memories are made of.

Bursting with notes of sweet musk, sugar cane and honey, balanced perfectly with patchouli and marshmallow undertones.

This candle is childhood in a jar!

Peaches and Cream
This bright fragrance bouquet comes with a warning that you may start craving a bag of mixed lollies once this candle is lit! Think peaches and cream, fizzy peach hearts and eating the first ripe peach of the season.

Fresh juicy peach has been given a creamy twist with the addition of vanilla scented marshmallow and a hint of jasmine.

This peachy dream is the perfect summer candle to fill your home with sweet sweet joy.

Strawberry Kisses
If there ever was a fruit that is associated with Stevie Winter it has to be a big, juicy and oh so sweet Strawberry.

The sweet notes of strawberry blend beautifully with the fresh mint and bergamot to create a well balanced sensory journey that will be on everyone's lips this summer.

This candle takes us straight to our childhood bedroom. Reading a magazine, reapplying lipsmackers and digging into a punnet of fresh summer strawberries.